A Civil Rights
Organization for US Citizens
CALL: (877) 637-1958
Salt Lake City, UT 84125-0414

How to Join the NAACP Salt Lake Branch

If you live in or work in the Salt Lake Branch jurisdiction, we encourage you to join, attend, and become involved with the oldest civil rights organization in the country. The vision and commitment of our dedicated volunteers continues to carry the torch of freedom for everyone.

Membership Information
Members of the Association shall affiliate and vote with only 1 Unit at a time. Please join the NAACP Salt Lake Branch by calling (801) 250-5088 or mailing your check payable to the NAACP Salt Lake Branch to:

NAACP Salt Lake Branch
PO Box 25414, Salt Lake City, UT 84125-0414

Make a payment online:

Life Memberships (Subscribing)
Crisis magazine included


NAACP Membership Prices:

• Regular Adult - $30.00 (Yearly)
• Youth with Crisis - $15.00
• Youth without Crisis - $10.00
• Junior Life Membership (Ages 13 & Under) - $100.00
• Bronze Life Membership (Ages 14-20) - $400.00

• Adult Silver Life - $750.00
• Adult Gold Life - $1,500.00 (Only Available to Fully Paid Silver or
  Regular Life Members)
• Adult Diamond Life - $2,500.00 (Only Available to Fully Paid Gold or 
  Golden Heritage Life Members)
• Annual Corporate - $5,000.00

College Chapters
• University of Utah
• Utah Valley University
• Westminster College

Youth Council
• Salt Lake Youth Council

Gifts and contributions to NAACP Salt Lake Branch are not deductible as charitable donations. However, a portion of dues is passed on to the NAACP National Organization and these payments are tax deductible. 

These contributions go toward helping our youth and adults avoid the trap of payday loans, instead allowing us to provide scholarships for those in need. There are memberships for youth, adults, organizations, churches, and corporations, and your financial gifts help them all.


Be part of NAACP Salt Lake Branch by contacting us at (877) 637-1958 in Salt Lake City, Utah.